High growth, fewer jobs

Bangladesh’s tremendous economic growth has been unable to create jobs proportionately over the past decade, raising questions about the significance of the growth for a large section of the population.

Besides, female participation in the labour force shrank in the last nine years, especially in rural areas, according to a government study on employment, productivity and sectoral investment in Bangladesh.


Coronavirus threatens the livelihoods of garment workers

Across much of Asia, Europe, and the US, Covid-19 has brought shopping for anything but necessities practically to a standstill. Among the industries most at risk is clothing. Fashion retailers have shut stores as part of social-distancing measures and watched sales plunge as home-bound shoppers pause spending on non-essential items.

The impact is rippling through fashion’s supply chain, putting at risk the livelihoods of garment workers, who are already some of the most vulnerable workers in the global economy.


The Economic Fallout of the Coronavirus in Southeast Asia

Technological revolutions are rolling rapidly across economies one after the other — digitisation, followed by automation, and now, increasingly, the use of artificial intelligence (AI).


What worries South Asia’s young people, and what they’re doing about it

Last month, the World Economic Forum launched the third edition of the world’s most geographically diverse survey of millennials, the Global Shapers Annual Survey 2017. Over 31,000 people aged between 18 and 35 responded,


5 job skills you can get online for free

The job market being extremely competitive today, an extra skill won’t hurt, especially if it’s free.