About Us

About Free BD Jobs

At freebdjobs.com our mission is simple: to become the premier online job search site in Bangladesh. We want to be your only port of call whether you’re a business looking to fill a vacancy, or a person hoping to find a job in Bangladesh.

Say goodbye to the crazy charges from other job portals in Bangladesh, as we connect the best candidates to the best jobs for free. Posting your job opportunity using our basic service won’t cost a penny, guaranteed.

Please take your time to explore to learn and enjoy our free services.

For those businesses that want to give back to our amazing country, we offer a premium service. This costs 75% less than the fees charged by other job hunting sites in Bangladesh, with all profits* going to assist disadvantaged students in rural schools.

In addition, if your company hires people with learning disabilities freebdjobs.com will offer our premium services to you completely free!

*Simply, when we say 100% of profits, we mean what is left (aka surplus, balance, difference) after normal business expenses are deducted from all income derived from sales from our businesses.

What’s in it for us?

Freebdjobs.com is a gift of love from our founder, Kazi Ahmed, to the hardworking Bangladeshi businesses that are building our country’s economy.

Kazi Ahmed is a Canadian-American IT technologist, entrepreneur and philanthropist, born in Bangladesh. Through his charitable foundation, The Ahmed Centre, Mr Ahmed has given out over $50,000 to charities since 1995. In setting up Freebdjobs.com, he commits to using 100% of the profits received from sales for charitable purposes.

Please join us in saying ‘thank you Bangladesh’ for your son!

How together we can enable children to learn and thrive

The small fee we charge for the premium listing of job vacancies in Bangladesh, go directly towards paying the tuition fees, scholarships, lunch meals at schools, books, schools uniforms, writings pads, pen/pencils, and other necessities that rural families might otherwise not be able to afford without your help.

These children are the future of Bangladesh – the pillars of our nation. By helping fund their education you will help our country shine brightly.
According to research by UNICEF around 33 million Bangladeshi children are currently living in poverty. They lack access to their basic needs of food, sanitation and shelter. Often they are pulled out of school to work in the garment industry, further perpetuating the cycle of poverty. Without literacy and numeracy they have a limited ability to escape their circumstances.

Education is their way out. Knowledge gives children the chance of a better future. It also has massive impacts on generations to come. Better-educated parents make for healthier children, as they understand more about the need for healthcare and good nutrition.